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The Clinic is located at 3200 Dufferin St.  At the Corner of Samor Road and Dufferin St.  It is a 5 story glass tower  (golden some might say) on the West side, located about halfway between Yorkdale Mall and Lawrence Avenue.  You can enter the plaza  by car either off Samor Road (south side) where there is a traffic light, or directly off Dufferin St. into the main parking lot of the plaza.  There is a Red Lobster, and a Greek Restaurant on the main floor of the building. Surface parking is free and there are spots on each side of the building, but more on the North side.   If there are no spots, there is an underground lot in the plaza which is also free.  There is no direct access from the underground parking to the building  (stairs back up to the main lot).

We are in the Tower (Not the plaza).  The entrance to the tower faces Dufferin St. and is at the part of the complex closest to Dufferin.  The entrance is beside the UPS store and WIND mobile.

Take the elevator to the 4th Floor.  Turn Right out of the elevator, then down the hall to Suite 402.


From Highway 401 Eastbound:

  Exit Dufferin St South (Right).  Quickly move to Centre Lane (to avoid the Yorkdale ramp).  Turn Right into the plaza at 3200 Dufferin.  (see above)


From Highway 401 Westbound:

Google maps says:

Exit Allen Rd.  Then follow the signs for Yorkdale Road, then for Dufferin Street.  The road wraps around the mall.  Keep in the Left lane approaching Dufferin. Turn Left on Dufferin.  Look for the gold tower about half a km on the right ahead .  Turn Right in to the plaza at 3200 Dufferin (see above).

A good alternate if you don't like the traffic in front of the mall:

From the Collectors, exit at Bathurst St.  The ramp comes to a light at Wilson Ave. Turn left on Wilson .  Once you pass under the bridge, keep in Left hand turn lane, and turn left at the light at Billy Bishop Way (Michael's on corner).  Follow the road as it curves alongside the 401.  Turn left at Dufferin.  Keep to centre lane.  Turn Right in to plaza at 3200 Dufferin.  (see above).



From the Wilson Subway Station on the Spadina- University line take the 29 Dufferin Bus.

The 29 Dufferin Bus, either North or South,  stops at SAMOR RD.  Just outside of 3200 Dufferin St.   


From the Lawrence West subway station on the Spadina- University Line, you can take either the 52 or 58 bus over to Dufferin St.  then it is about a 500 metre walk up to 3200 Dufferin, or you can hop the 29 Dufferin  bus up to Samor Rd.


From the Yorkdale subway station on the University -Spadina line, it about a 1.1 km walk to 3200 Dufferin. You can take the Ranee St. Exit at the south end and walk along Ranee to Duferin, or walk through the mall as far West as you can.  Once at Dufferin you can either walk down to 3200 or you can hop the 29 Dufferin bus south to Samor Rd.   Or you may choose to just stay on the subway one stop up to Wilson station and take the 29 Dufferin bus direct from there.


I know that sex is supposed to be one of the most enjoyable parts of life, but I always found it stressful. Usually I would ejaculate just as my wife and I were getting started. After awhile I wasn't even getting good erections. My wife always smiled and did her best to make me feel that it didn't matter, but I could sense disappointment. I tried to achieve more at work to make up the difference. I finally got up the nerve to see a doctor after reading something in a magazine. I had it all wrong. With some simple treatment and practice, things have improved dramatically for my wife and I. Now we are both smiling.

My wife and I were getting along OK, but we had slipped into a routine of avoiding sex because it was awkward for both of us when I couldn't perform. We just put it down to age and moved on. One day I just decided to look into it further, and let me tell you, don't let anyone tell you that you need to give up sex just because of your age. Our life is much more complete now than it has been in years. Get help today. My wife and I are so glad we did.