Shock Wave Therapy

“What we are finding more and more, is that shock wave therapy is akin to Physiotherapy for the penis and pelvis. It improves sexual function by many mechanisms, and gives a positive sense of well being. It basically makes the tissues of the area as healthy as possible, which is always a good thing. And it is rare that such a positive response comes from such a safe therapy”

– Dr John Aquino

Greetings. Thanks for visiting us here. At OMH we are getting more and more positive feedback about our treatments as we optimize our technology and protocols. More and more younger men, who don’t have classic “ED” are finding that while experiences can be “OK” before treatment, they are “way better” after a series of shock wave. Younger men, with their robust immune system, respond especially well. The therapy is being viewed as “a tune up” by many, and a “therapy to restore function” by others.

Ontario Men’s Health is the leader in Shock Wave therapy for ED. Since 2015 we have successfully treated many 100’s of men. We utilize the best technologies and are constantly tweaking our protocols based on results and feedback.

Since OMH uses different technologies for ED Shock Wave,  both Viasure™ and Storz, you have the option to tailor your therapy to what is right for you, harnessing the power of both Focused and Softly Focused Shock Waves.

For ED Shock Wave Therapy, Ontario Men’s Health guarantees the most personalized care. Our physician, Dr. John Aquino, assesses each client carefully, and answers all questions. There will be no pressure. We believe this is about your health, not about sales. If the doctor feels other treatments are better for you, he will say so without question.

We look forward to seeing you.

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FLOWWAVE™ is a suite of ED Shock Wave Therapy Options in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Each client meets with our consultant Physician, Dr. John Aquino, to discuss the therapy, and assess suitability.

Shock Wave for ED in Toronto

With an aging population, Canada, including Toronto, is seeing more and more men identifying ED as a prominent health concern. People are living longer and healthier, and as a positive consequence, they are hoping for quality intimacy later in their life cycle. Men in Toronto have been utilizing shock wave therapy for years for various medical ailments. How do Shock wave therapy and ED relate to each other?

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) was first used medically to treat kidney stones, then at lower intensity to promote healing of bones, and other orthopedic strains. At low intensity, Shock Wave Therapy can promote the generation of new blood vessels. Because of this unique property, Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy (LISWT) has been used to treat heart conditions, chronic wounds, and peripheral nerve problems.

The idea that Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy could help treat ED came from this idea of promoting the growth of new blood vessels in the penis. The vascular spongy tissues of the penis are perfectly situated to take advantage of this phenomenon.  The logic being, that the subsequent improvement of blood flow to the erectile tissues from shock wave therapy would improve erection quality.

Studies, and now experience, have shown that this theory as it pertains to ED and Shock Wave Therapy is true.

Men with ED who underwent a series of treatments with Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy significantly improved their erections and their ability to have intercourse.  And the blood flow measurements in the penis were much improved as well.  Shock wave therapy is effective in men who have a Vascular cause for ED, such as hypertension, diabetes and vascular disease, but can also show benefits to Neurogenic ED (prostate surgery etc.). Vascular and Neurogenic ED often co-exist though.

Shock Waves also have positive biochemical affects that give a quicker “medication-like” effect.  And Shock waves can even benefit Anxiety related ED by making the penis less susceptible to the effects of stress.

A big bonus of Shock Wave therapy is that it improves elasticity of the penis by restoring smooth muscle tissue and lessening the amount of connective tissue that can lead to “shrinkage”.

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Dr John Aquino Speaks Introducing Shock Wave Therapy

Shock Wave Therapy with Viasure for ED

2018 Video Update for Shock Wave Therapy

Viasure™- The Newest Tech

Introducing Viasure ™ , the latest in Shock Wave technology.

Viasure’s proprietary Softwaves™ deliver more complete and uniform coverage of the whole pelvic region. And Less treatments are needed to achieve the optimal effects.

See pricing below for Viasure treatments alone, or as part of our FloWWave™ offerings combined with Storz Duolith Ultra Focus waves.

STORZ Duolith Ultra Focus SD1

Tried and True. Storz has been a leader in focused shockwave, and continues to deliver excellent quality and value.

With the Storz Duolith Ultra Focus SD1 device, focused shock waves can be delivered at varying depths and intensity. These waves trigger the body's natural repair mechanism. This leads to the generation of a new blood supply as well as other benefits to sexual function.

AT OMH we have years of experience fine tuning the delivery and protocols with the Storz device.

See pricing below for Storz shockwave alone, or as part of our FloWWave™ offerings combined with Viasure Softwaves.

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Treatment Pricing


** Prices on our Signature Program have been significantly reduced **

Flowwave (TM) protocol is unique to OMH. Each treatment includes shocks from *BOTH Viasure and Storz technologies, providing both Focused, and Softly Focused Waves* for optimal tissue coverage. Combines the best of each technology to optimize effectiveness and cost.

  • 4 treatments — $1895
  • 6 treatments — $2695
  • 8 treatments — $3395
  • 10 treatments — $3995
  • Pay as you go — $500 per treatment for first 4 (after 4 treatments $450 per treatment)
Storz™ Packages

Our original. Still reliable Focused shock waves.

  • Entry Package – 6 treatment — $1550 (no tax). Repeat package of 6 within a year at $1150
  • Savings Package – 12 treatments — $2595
  • Premium Savings – 18 treatments — $3595

* Consultation has no fee with health card, and there is No Obligation

Pay As You Go

Available for the first 6 treatments.

  • $295 per treatment.  (after 6 treatments, price reduces to $235 per treatment for 1 year)

The newest in shockwave, with proprietary Softwaves ™

Focused but broader waves (Softly Focused) providing complete and consistent shockwave coverage of the whole region.

A 6 treatment protocol is recommended for best results. Additional treatments might also be beneficial.

Cynosure Special: With purchase of a Viasure or Flowwave package below, you OR A PARTNER, can receive up to 70% off a Sculpsure body contouring package. Share the benefits!

Each of our Viasure treatments is enhanced with Bonus shocks with the Storz machine.

  • 6 treatments — $3895 (no tax)
  • 4 treatments — $2795 (no tax)
  • Pay as Go — $725 per treatment, then after 4 treatments reduces to $600 per treatment for 1 year.

Special Promotion

Try SculpSure body contouring by Cynosure in addition to Viasure by Cynosure.

With any Shockwave package that includes at least 3 Viasure treatments, for 1 year receive $65 off per treatment session of Sculpsure. So a 10 treatment Sculpsure package would be discounted by $650.