Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy

For Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy, Ontario Men’s Health guarantees the most personalized care. Our physician, Dr. John Aquino, assesses each client carefully, and answers all questions. There will be no pressure. We believe this is about your health, not about sales. If the doctor feels other treatments are better for you, he will say so without question.

Dr. Aquino has much experience with applying the treatments effectively, and our technicians are trained and work under his guidance. Dr. Aquino keeps up to date in the field of Shock Wave, and in March 2018 attended the World Health Meeting to confer with other leading providers.

If you specifically wish to get more information about Shock Wave Therapy, you can come in for a Free Consultation with the doctor. But if you decide to enter the OMH program first for comprehensive assessment of your ED, with Wellness Counselling and a review of all your options, a discount applies toward Shock Wave, should you choose to begin that with a year of joining the program.

FLOWWAVE™ is a suite of Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy Options in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy- Available as Duolith Ultra Focus SD 1

Each client meets with our consultant Physician, Dr. John Aquino, to discuss the therapy, and assess suitability.

Shock Wave for ED in Toronto

With an aging population, Canada, including Toronto, is seeing more and more men identifying erectile dysfunction as a more prominent health concern. People are living longer and healthier, so intimacy is desired even further into the life cycle than in previous generations. Men in Toronto have been utilizing shock wave therapy for years for various medical ailments. How do Shock wave therapy and erectile dysfunction relate to each other?

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) has been used medically to promote healing of bones, and other orthopedic strains. Shock Wave Therapy has also been used to treat kidney stones. At low intensity, Shock Wave Therapy can promote the generation of new blood vessels. This Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy (LISWT) has been used to treat heart conditions, chronic wounds, and peripheral nerve problems, because of this property.

The idea that Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy could help treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED) came from this idea of promoting the growth of new blood vessels in the penis.  The logic being, that the subsequent improvement of blood flow to the erectile tissues from shock wave therapy should improve erection quality.

Studies have shown that this theory as it pertains to Erectile Dysfunction and Shock Wave Therapy is true.

Men with erectile dysfunction who underwent a series of treatments with Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy significantly improved their erections and their ability to have intercourse.  And the blood flow measurements in the penis were much improved as well.  Shock wave therapy is more effective in men who have a Vascular cause for Erectile Dsyfunction as opposed to Neurogenic Erectile Dysfunction (prostate surgery etc.).  Vascular causes of ED are often high blood pressure, diabetes, vascular disease, high cholesterol, or just lazy dysfunctional vessels.  Vascular and Neurogenic ED often co-exist though.

When used to treat Erectile Dysfunction, Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy has been referred to as Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy ( EDSWT ).

Dr John Aquino Speaks Introducing Shock Wave Therapy

2018 Video Update for Shock Wave Therapy

Duolith Ultra Focus SD1

With the Duolith Ultra Focus SD1 device, shock waves can be delivered at varying depths and intensity. These waves trigger the body's natural repair mechanism. This leads to the generation of a new blood supply. A very exciting new way to treat erectile dysfunction.

Shock wave therapy as a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction is approved in over 20 countries worldwide, including Canada. The European Association of Urology has listed shock wave therapy as a first line therapy for ED. We are very excited to be able to bring this treatment to men in Toronto and other parts of Ontario.

Studies have shown that as up to 80% of men improve their erectile function and quality of life with Shock Wave therapy using the Duolith SD 1 device.

For some men with Erectile Dysfunction who had not responded to medications such as sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), or vardenafil (Levitra), after Shock Wave Therapy ( EDSWT ), their Erectile Dysfunction did respond favourably to these treatments.

For other men, after Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy, they didn’t require medication to perform anymore. In the initial studies, men who’s Erectile Dysfunction had responded to Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave therapy ( EDSWT ), still reported erections sufficient for intercourse even after 2 years.

Men with Erectile Dysfunction caused by vascular disease or diabetes, will especially find Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy to be a novel and effective treatment.

And men in Toronto will be glad to know that Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction is a painless and non-invasive treamtent for ED.

Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy for ED has been previously available in Toronto as Medispec ED 1000, and in 2015 is now available as Duolith SD 1 Ultra Focus. The Duolith SD Ultra Focus device delivers low intensity shock wave, and Toronto men of all ages suffering from Erectile Dysfunction now have access to this exciting new treatment.

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Treatment Pricing

In March 2018 Dr. Aquino attended the World Sexual Health Meeting in Lisbon, and met with other providers and researchers in the field of Shock Wave, from all over the world. The latest data reinforces our experience, and the research, that an initial 6 treatment sessions are effective, but the data also gives a clearer indication that additional sessions are further beneficial to outcomes.

In an optimal world we would suggest the following protocol with a total of 18 treatments:

Phase 1

12 treatment sessions, given either once or twice a week (complete over approximately 6 to 12 weeks).

Phase 2

After an approximate 4 month break (up to 6 months), repeat 6 more treatments.

We understand that time and resources can make this difficult. Therefore we have tailored our options to be flexible. Some men might decide that 6, 10 or 12 treatments are adequate for their needs and regardless, you can economically add treatments later as needed.

No Taxes are payable
Flowwave™ Packages *

Flowwave 6

Entry Package

6 Treatments


Flowwave 12

Save 24%

12 Treatments


Flowwave Premium

Save 30%

18 Treatments


* Consultation has no fee with health card, and there is No Obligation

Pay As You Go

Available for the first 6 treatments.

  • $285 per treatment.  (after 6 treatments, price reduces to $205 per treatment for 1 year)
Flowwave™ Add-Ons

* Add-on packages available for 1 Year after first treatment

Regardless of what initial package you choose, you can later customize it depending on how you are feeling about your progress. Your options remain open, and ultimately, you can still do a complete 18 treatment protocol.

After 6 Treatments have been completed you may purchase further packages of:

  • 12 treatments — $1875
  • 6 treatments — $1000
  • 1 Treatment — $205