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* Please note that we DO NOT perform Vasectomies. Please do not send referrals for Vasectomy. *

Referrals for consultation may be faxed to :

Dr. John Aquino / Provider #180414
3200 Dufferin St, Suite 402
Toronto, ON M6A 3B2
Phone: 416-512-6366

Fax: 416-512-6361

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for looking us up!

Referral information for OMH / Dr. Aquino is below. Please read the following to better inform your patients and help them decide what option is best for them.

The mandate of Ontario Men’s Health is to provide enhanced counselling and information to men regarding sexual concerns. This includes providing time with technicians/counsellors to provide a more comprehensive, relaxed and detailed experience. Clients may self refer to the clinic and do not require a referral to enter the program. Each client spends a longer than typical time in the clinic (up to an hour and a half on the first visit) and thus the clinic can only accommodate a few clients at a time. There is a private fee that is necessary to provide this service (See “What to Expect”).

In addition to this program, Ontario Men’s Health has put aside some clinic time when Dr. Aquino may consult to patients referred by other providers for Consultation, to provide advice about symptoms and treatments. These appointments are staffed differently and are based on availability. These are provided with OHIP card and without additional fee. If however a client ultimately wishes to test pursue intracavernosal injection therapy, there is a medication fee for the shot ($20) and the client should be prepared to be in clinic up to 2 hours. If he ultimately wishes to pursue Injection therapy for home use he would need to meet with one of the OMH technicians for dedicated teaching and overall education to allow for safe use.  There is a $75 fee for this service.

Clients who are primarily concerned with Premature Ejaculation will also find that the extended counselling, services, and literature provided under the full clinic program, is very beneficial to make progress with this concern.

For many simpler cases of ED and most cases of hormone replacement therapy where required, after assessing/treating/stabilizing the condition, Dr. Aquino will typically refer back to the referring provider with advice for ongoing care.

Please note that Dr. Aquino is a Family Physician/ general Practitioner with a focused practice in Men’s Health. Presently, MOH does not have Men’s Health as a focus for the purposes of their “negation” for some PEM’s, and thus referral to Dr Aquino  may have Access Bonus implications for OHIP.

Thank you very much!


The OMH team.