NOTE: Men with Hypertension (High BP) typically have what is referred to as Vasculogenic Erectile Dysfunction.  In this situation the small blood vessels in the penis are damaged.  A new NON-MEDICATION treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, Shock Wave Therapy, can actually produce new healthy blood vessels, and reverse ED.  Even men who have failed on the common prescription pills for their ED have success with this treatment. 

High Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction

High blood pressure (or hypertension) is another leading cause of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). There are many myths out there that suggest men being treated for high blood pressure can’t take treatment for ED. This is completely untrue. There are many effective therapies for Erectile Dysfunction that can be taken along with blood pressure medications.

Unfortunately, many medicines used to treat high blood pressure can worsen ED. Discuss your medication profile with your doctor.

If you have tried tablets for Erectile Dysfunction but they haven’t improved your erections, don’t give up. There are stronger treatments that can be very rewarding. At OMH we can walk you through various treatments to find the one best for you.