Injectable medicine is used by many Toronto men to treat erectile dysfunction. Many of these men will have tried tablets to treat their erectile dysfunction, and these may have been ineffective or may have caused intolerable side effects.

Many men with erectile dysfunction have other illnesses that make it unsafe to take tablets for this condition. And still others take medications for other illnesses that render the tablets for erectile dysfunction unsafe. Injectable medicine for these men typically remains a safe and effective alternative for men in Toronto and all over Canada.

If you are using injectable medicine to treat your erectile dysfunction, you should be always on the watch for warning signs of potential problems. Toronto men using this medication should be on the lookout for any pain in the penis with or after injection, any extensive bruising (an occasional small bruise is expected), any lumps in the shaft of the penis, or any curvature in the erection which wasn’t there before. Also if your penis remains erect for more than 2 hours you should be lowering your dose and speaking with your doctor. If your erection is lasting more than 3 hours you should stop using the injectable medicine altogether until you can be examined by your doctor.

However, the majority of Toronto men using injection medicine for erectile dysfunction, have no problems and are very satisfied with this treatment.

Treatment involves a small injection with a fine needle into one of the paired cavernosa running the length of the penis. The injection should be quite painless.

The injectable medicine most commonly used to treat most cases of erectile dysfunction is either a single medicine or a combination of medication which is not available at all Toronto pharmacies. Some compounding pharmacies can make the injectable medication for you, but depending on the formulation and the number of prescriptions for it they fill it may be quite expensive.

At Ontario Men’s Health, a specialty clinic located in Toronto, we have a special interest, in injectable medicine for erectile dysfunction, and can arrange for convenient, cost effective prescriptions for this and other medication for male sexual problems.

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