For many men suffering from erectile dysfunction in Toronto, intracavernosal injection therapy is necessary to treat their erectile dysfunction.

Actually, intracavernosal injection therapy was the only effective treatment option for Toronto men for years, until the introduction of the first oral medication to treat ED in 1997. Still, many men choose intracavernosal injection therapy as their erectile dysfunction treatment for various reasons.

Some men have medical conditions that don’t allow them to safely take pills for erectile dysfunction.

Some men take other medications that would interact with pills for erectile dysfunction, rendering them unsafe.

Some men who try the pills for erectile dysfunction suffer intolerable side effects and need a different option.

Some men have erectile dysfunction of such severity that the commonly prescribed pills for ED aren’t effective. Most often, even in these difficult cases, intracavernosal injection therapy has helped these Toronto men effectively treat their erectile dysfunction.

And some men simply prefer the quality of the erection they achieve with intracavernosal injection therapy. Many Toronto men have also preferred the lower incidence of whole-body side effects with intracavernosal injection therapy as compared to pills. The medication is applied at the penis directly as opposed to the pills, which circulate the whole body in order to reach the penis.

Though many men in Toronto assume intracavernosal injection therapy will be painful, the injections should actually be quite painless when applied properly. Most men are pleasantly surprised. In addition, inracavernosal injection therapy can be done with an automatic injection device, available in Toronto, which makes the process even easier. There is certainly no need to give up on sex just because “the pills” didn’t work.

Side effects of intracavernosal injection therapy are relatively uncommon if the medicine is applied carefully and the man is well counseled in technique, but can include bruising, an erection lasting too long (priapism), and scarring of the penis.

At Ontario Men’s Health, a specialty men’s clinic located in Toronto, we have expertise in testing intracavernosal injection therapy, and counseling Canadian men in proper technique when it is decided that this is an appropriate therapy.