The term “Low Sex Drive” means a lot of different things to different men. When considering whether you experience this, try to take your penis out of the equation. Ask yourself how much your brain tells you that having sex would be a nice thing. How often do you think of sex? Do the same things that used to arouse your mind still do it for you?

At Ontario Men’s Health in Toronto, as part of the treatment of Low Sex Drive, we will help guide you through the process of getting your mind to a better place. We believe that checking testosterone levels is important to be sure there has not been a critical drop over time. Some men suffer from a syndrome know as Andropause or ADAM, that results from low testosterone and can benefit from testosterone therapy.

Many men however,complain of Low Sex Drive but actually have normal testosterone levels. Our experience shows that by improving sexual performance in other ways, often Low Sex Drive corrects itself.

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