Surprise! Premature Ejaculation (PE) is actually the number one male sexual concern; luckily there is a centre that treats premature Ejaculation in Toronto. It trumps Erectile Dysfunction (ED) for the number one spot, with an estimated 30% of men complaining of significant PE, and many more experiencing the problem from time to time. Often though, Erectile Dysfunction and premature Ejaculation occur together. Premature Ejaculation in Toronto can be treated at the new Ontario Men’s Health centre.

Premature Ejaculation can be partially defined as ejaculation, which is uncontrolled, and occurs with minimal stimulation. In heterosexual couples this is ejaculation occurring before, during, or shortly after penetration. The other part of the definition of PE is that the ejaculation occurs before the man wishes, and that this creates emotional distress.

How fast is too fast? There is no appropriate answer based on watching the clock. If you feel stressed about premature Ejaculation before sex, and feel ashamed or depressed immediately after, then it is likely that you and your partner are suffering from this condition. If you sense that your partner feels let down, then this will worsen your situation. You should seek help concerning premature Ejaculation in Toronto.

The treatment of premature Ejaculation in Toronto is a complex process. At Ontario Men’s Health we believe that the approach needs to include changing behaviours as well as expectations. We prescribe behavioral exercises for couples to do during sex, and exercises men can do on their own. We often supplement these exercises with medications when needed. Some medicines actually delay orgasm and can help to improve things quickly while the couple goes through the process of the behavioral exercises to improve the situation long term.

Facilitating a better quality and longer lasting erection often helps make the overall treatment for premature Ejaculation in Toronto more effective.

The physicians and support counselors at Ontario Men’s Health in Toronto understand the impact premature Ejaculation in Toronto has on men and couples, and will work with you diligently to provide expert treatment and to improve your quality of life.