SculpSure as a non surgical body contouring procedure, has certainly taken off the past few years. It is the fastest growing system, owing to the proven efficacy and astounding satisfaction rates. This is true in the Toronto area, and across North America. Women customers have been responsible for most of this growth. Men have been slower on the uptake. So what do these women know that men don’t?

Most men are health conscious. Even if we don’t always walk the walk, men are generally concerned about overall good health, exercise, healthy diet, and weight control.  A positive body image is part of this. Who doesn’t want their clothes to fit well? Toronto gyms are overflowing with both men and women, especially as we write this, near the beginning of yet another New Year.

Despite best efforts though, losing weight in all the spots men would like to, isn’t always possible. Especially with age, problem pockets of fat can stick around.

Enter SculpSure. A non-invasive fat reduction treatment, Sculpsure destroys the fat cells permanently for both men and women. Think of SculpSure as “non-surgical liposuction”. The specialized SculpSure laser, passes through skin, and specifically targets fat cells. Without the incision of a knife, and placement of an instrument under the skin, where bacteria can enter.

Many centres believe men respond even more favourably, and quickly, than women to Sculpsure body contouring, and postulate that hormonal differences may be at play.

Men and women do tend to collect fat in different areas. At Ontario Men’s Health in Toronto, though we are glad to treat both men and women, we obviously have a large practice of men from all over the province, who see us for overall health. This male clinic focus has also allowed us to focus on SculpSure body contouring through the lens of what men want to achieve aesthetically.  Stubborn belly fat, love handles, back pads, are traditional concerns, and SculpSure is great for these. We can also listen to your concerns about specific “custom spots” to determine if we can help you with these.

Double chin (Submental if you wish to get technical), is an exciting new indication for SculpSure, achieving Health Canada approval due to its positive results in studies. Also, the localized treatment area involved makes chins very economical to treat. There is positive response after first treatment, and even better after the second treatment with SculpSure.

How does Sculpsure work?

The directed SculpSure laser specifically heats the fat cells, leading to their permanent death. The fat they contain can then be slowly absorbed and cleared from the area. The skin is kept cool during the SculpSure session. Two treatments, 6 to 8 weeks apart are suggested for each area.

Since SculpSure, in men and women, has a tapering effect to area surrounding the treatment, the result is a very smooth contouring. This avoids the irregular fat loss of other procedures, including liposuction.

As a bonus, men will be glad to know that SculpSure can gently tighten the overlying skin.

Are There Side Effects with SculpSure?

During the procedure itself, the SculpSure laser will give various sensations depending on what cycle the system is in. Cooling is the first sensation. Then periods of tingling and pinching sensation. Some men or women report deep heat during SculpSure heating phases.  When a heating phase builds, it is followed by a cooling phase. The cycle repeats. Though this is generally very well tolerated, some men and women report more discomfort than others. This can also vary between treatment areas.The treatment remains safe. At Ontario Men’s Health, if a man or woman is anxious or uncomfortable with the effects, we can offer Nitronox gas, to smooth out the procedure. This is the same nitrous gas that is used at dental offices. It is safe, and wears off quickly. Most people don’t require this, but it is a nice perk we can offer at the Toronto office of Ontario Men’s Health.

After the treatment, there could be some redness in the skin, and mild local tenderness in the treatment area. However, you are good to go about your usual activities immediately. Even to the gym to work out, both men and women will be glad to know. Activity is encouraged after SculpSure.

In the days to come there might be slightly firm areas under the skin, and gentle massage of the area helps dissolve this. It also helps mobilize the fat quicker, so massage is recommended.  Within days or in rare cases a few weeks, the firm areas, if they occur at all, resolve completely.

Gentle Sedation with our NitroNox System

As mentioned above, some men and women, get a little nervous about procedures.

At Ontario Men’s Health in Toronto, we are equipped to make SculpSure as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Ask us about our NitroNox delivery of mildly sedating gas.  Used for years by dental offices, nitrous gas is safe, effective, and reverses quickly. Like we said, SculpSure is generally very well tolerated, but it’s nice to know this security blanket of comfort is available should you feel you would benefit from it.

SculpSure vs CoolSculpting. “What should I do?”

CoolSculpting is an older technology than SculpSure for body contouring.

The two processes (ScoolSculpting and SculpSure)  are very similar in the amount of fat cells they can destroy, but they go about it in completely different ways.

Whereas CoolSculpting uses freezing of local fat after suction, SculpSure applies heat to the area, and this heat tapers out to the surrounding area for a smooth tapering effect

CoolSculpting by reports, tends to be associated with more discomfort than SculpSure.

SculpSure sessions are significantly quicker than CoolSculpting, and though Coolsculpting has a recovery phase, SculpSure has no downtime.

SculpSure treatments last about 25 minutes, and multiple areas can be done consecutively, to allow for the smooth, generalized effect men and women are looking for. CoolSculpting can treat just one area at a time and can take an hour per area.

Basically SculpSure is newer than CoolSculpting, and tends to be quicker, better tolerated, safer, and doesn’t slow men or women down after a treatment.

The fat cell elimination with SculpSure is permanent.

SculpSure at Ontario Men’s Health in Toronto

Bottom Line? At Ontario Men’s Health, we would love for you to come to the Toronto clinic to meet and discuss your concerns. No obligation whatsoever.

Though we are glad to discuss SculpSure with men or women, we are proud to have a focus on the concerns that men have regarding problem areas of body fat. And if we don’t think SculpSure, or non-surgical body contouring is for you, we will tell you without question.

We know that in a vibrant city as big as Toronto, you have options for treatment with SculpSure or other therapies, and we are honoured when people put their trust in us.

Please contact us at or call us at 416-512-6367

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