Sexual Health

Do I have a Sexual Problem?

Only you can answer this question. Don’t listen to your friends. Don’t base your perceptions of “normal” on television shows, movies, or articles in men’s magazines. Certainly don’t compare yourself to the porn stars. You will have a major complex.

Don’t worry about “size”. Life has enough stresses.

The only important questions are: Am I happy? Is my partner happy?

If the answers to the above are “yes” and “yes”, then consider yourself cured. When both parties in a relationship are satisfied with their sex lives, then we believe that things are perfect, and questions such as “how fast?” or “how big?” are irrelevant. The only issue that matters is satisfaction. Though we would love to meet you, we have to admit that you likely don’t need our services.

If, however, after having sex you tend to feel let down, ashamed, embarrassed or angry with yourself, then you should be trying to improve your situation. Your partner, no matter how supportive, will certainly suffer along with you, mostly through your reaction to the situation. If you find that you would rather avoid sex in order to save yourself the emotional fallout, then your relationship is certainly suffering.

If you sense your partner is disappointed with your sex life, then make an effort to talk about their feelings more openly, so you can more effectively seek the best help both for yourself, and for your relationship.

Medications for Sexual Problems

Studies have shown that even after men get up the nerve to speak to their physician about erectile dysfunction, a very high percentage of these men who are given a prescription to treat their condition do not fill the prescription. Embarassment is cited as one of the main reasons for this breakdown in the treatment process.

At Ontario Men's Health we offer you, as a client, the convenience of choice between taking your prescription to your local pharmacy, or of arranging to have your medication brought to the clinic for you. Many men appreciate the extra privacy offered. Prescriptions for injectable medication to treat Erectile Dysfunction are conveniently available through Ontario Men's Health as well.