We field alot of calls to the clinic, regarding inquiries about Vitaros. Vitaros is NOT Available in Ontario, despite it’s approval several years ago by Health Canada. The company has not brought it to market. Some European countries have Vitaros, but no Canadian jurisdictions.

Vitaros is a form of alprostadil, or prostaglandin, which is prepared in a special delivery mechanism to allow better absorption from the urethra.

Alprostadil (the active medication in Vitaros) , since it bypasses the nerve stimulation processes required for Cialis or Viagra, should produce an erection even without sexual stimulation.

This same medication that is in Vitaros has been available for many years in an injectable form. Though this may not sound as appealing, it is actually for most men quite easy to administer, painless and more predictably effective than the cream form which is in Vitaros. At Ontario Mens Health we have been teaching men how to administer this safely for years.

There are many good treatment options for Erectile dysfunction. And if you have ED you should be doing everything you can to limit your cardiovascular risk factors, even if you choose not to treat your ED.

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