What to Expect at Ontario Men’s Health Clinic

What to Expect

At Ontario Men’s Health we take extra steps to assure client confidentiality.  Your medical records are maintained electronically and remain strictly confidential, being accessible only by you and the clinic staff.

A referral is NOT required to attend Ontario Men’s Health. Many Family Doctors and Urologists will suggest patients consult with us, but most clients make the phone call themselves.

 NOTE:  Regarding SHOCK WAVE THERAPY for Erectile Dysfunction, consultations are with No Obligation…you do NOT need to enter the below programs to have consultation to discuss Shock Wave amongst other options for ED. And you don’t require a referral.  Health Card required, or other payment if no health card. If you do enter the OMH program, and later decide on shock wave (within 1 year) a discount applies.

Shock Wave Therapy

New Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.
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The OMH Program

This is the program of care for which Ontario Mens Health clinic is renowned, and is what sets us apart from a regular doctors office or a walk-in clinic.

Our OMH Program includes wellness counselling regarding normal male sexual functioning, provided by our wellness educators and support counselors.  This program allows for a more comprehensive, relaxed and well paced experience for the patient.

  • Clients  are booked with extra time to allow for the additional counseling.
  • There is a private fee in order for us to be able to provide these services.
  • This fee is NOT for any physician services, either insured or uninsured.
  • The OMH program is not a promise of quicker access to medical care.  (Also, please note, the wellness/support counsellors are educators, and not psychotherapists).
  • Your experienced wellness counselor will review normal functioning with you, which will help you better understand your own concerns in the context of “normal”.
  • A literature package is provided to each client.
  • When appropriate, standardized symptom questionnaires will be administered, so these can be tracked over time.

The fee is $355, one time, on the first visit.  There is no tax on this.


You will also meet with the  Physician Consultant, Dr. John Aquino, who will review your concerns in detail, including the impact they have  on you socially, take a complete history, and perform a complete medical examination.  Appropriate testing will be done and any extra tests will be arranged.  Health card is required for this service at our Ontario Men’s Health clinic. (* see below)

Later, as a further courtesy, your counselor will  provide you with enhanced counseling and information relating to your specific concerns and your health history. They will also review your diagnosis and treatments with you in detail  and answer any further questions you may have.

This program is very important to achieve success with  problems such as Premature Ejaculation, and for more advanced cases of Erectile Dysfunction.

Men interested in Andropause, or Testosterone Replacement therapy, will also benefit from the wellness counseling provided with the Enhanced Program.

Please note, the clinic does not prescribe Testosterone simply for client preference. Only in medically appropriate cases. Also, routine use of HCG and aromatase inhibitors is not part of the practice.

As an additional bonus, OMH program clients are eligible for additional discounts on SculpSure Laser Body Contouring procedures at the clinic.

In order to provide enhanced confidentiality, each client in the OMH Program, upon arrival to Ontario Mens Health Clinic, is taken directly to a private waiting room, where they will meet with their wellness counsellor.

Because you are meeting with wellness counselors as well as the Physician, you will be spending an extended amount of time in the clinic.  This slows the whole process down and makes for a very relaxed encounter.  The clinic can only accommodate a certain number of OMH Program clients at a time, so these clinics are booked much lighter than a regular office.

If sexual problems are present, typically some form of therapy is provided from the first visit.  Later, this is adjusted as needed and tailored to each individual. Lifestyle issues which may impact your overall health as well as your sexual functioning will be addressed.

Both the counselor and the consulting physician are available to you at all visits to optimize and individualize treatment, to offer further counseling regarding treatments, and to troubleshoot any problems. (OHIP card required for physician visit)

On your second visit, any test results will be reviewed and any issues will be addressed.  Your response to the initial therapy trial will be assessed, as well as the satisfaction level of you and your partner towards the treatment.

Therapy is adjusted as needed.  In most cases, by the second visit we are well on our way to establishing an effective treatment.  We are, of course, available for as many visits as are needed.  No two cases are identical.

To further ensure client comfort and privacy, clients of Ontario Men’s Health have the option of arranging to pick up their medication directly at the clinic. Many men find the process of going to the pharmacy intimidating or embarrassing.  You shouldn’t, but we want to eliminate as many barriers to treatment as possible.  You are welcome of course to take prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choosing.

Hopefully with time you won’t need medication!  Or you will need less of it.  Or less often.

We are with you each step of the way.

So Call us with Confidence!

*(Since Dr. Aquino is a Family Physician with a focused practice in men’s health, some patients who have enrolled in certain rostered family practice models may result in OHIP/billing implications for their family physician)

Courtesy Consult

Though we do suggest our OMH Program to take full advantage of our expertise, and to make progress with your issues in a quicker and more efficient fashion, the physician consultant can offer regular office assessments  under OHIP, using the space at OMH, for advice about sexual problems. These Consultations are arranged via referral from your Family Doctor to our Consultant Physician.  These clinics are staffed differently and are scheduled on different days.  OHIP card is required for this type of office visit.

Please note that for simpler cases of ED and most cases of hormone replacement therapy (Testosterone) where required, after assessing/treating/stabilizing the condition, Dr. Aquino will typically refer back to the referring provider with advice for ongoing care, so it is important that your referral is from a doctor with whom you have an ongoing relationship.

Please note that men suffering from Premature Ejaculation will find that the enhanced OMH Program at Ontario Mens Health clinic will allow them to see progress more quickly and with less visits to the clinic, as the educators are a great resource.  The Literature in this regard, is also very important.

Men with advanced or more difficult to treat cases of Erectile Dysfunction will find the OMH Program more optimal to allow technical support for testing of stronger treatments.  The OMH Program is also helps facilitate the understanding of normal male Andrology, Testosterone Deficiency (or Andropause) as well as the diagnosis and treatment of Testosterone Deficiency / Andropause.