Men suffering from both Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes, typically have a Vasculogenic cause to their ED.  The small blood vessels are damaged. This type of Erectile Dysfunction is particularly receptive to a Newer, Non-Medication Therapy for ED.  Shock Wave Therapy can produce new healthier blood vessels. Studies confirm this new ED treatment can greatly improve function even in men who have failed on pills for their ED.  CLICK HERE to Learn More about Shock Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction.

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Nearly all men with diabetes will eventually experience some degree of ED. This condition affects everything a man needs to get and keep an erection. The blood vessels to the penis are less healthy and respond less vigorously to nerve stimulation. The nerves themselves don’t conduct impulses as well. The sensation at the penis may be less. Changes in proteins in the blood can lead to less “free” circulating testosterone. This all adds up to a high likelihood of ED.

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

If you have diabetes, making every effort to control your sugar level through diet, exercise and compliance with medication will help lessen the extent of sexual problems, as well as lessen your chances of having a heart attack or stroke, or of having kidney or eye damage. Unfortunately though, because diabetes is a metabolic problem, the Erectile Dysfunction often persists.

If you have tried tablets for Erectile Dysfunction and they haven’t improved your erections, don’t give up. There are stronger treatments that can be very effective and rewarding.

At OMH we welcome all men with diabetes. The majority can be successfully treated to enjoy a healthy sex life again. We also encourage all our clients with diabetes to take control of their condition, so they can enjoy a longer, healthier life.