As comfort levels increase, more and more Toronto men and women are willing to discuss sexual problems in Toronto with a health provider. For most women in Toronto, sexual problems are easier to discuss, as they have had fairly regular contact with a family doctor or gynecologist for health maintenance, delivering babies, and pap smears. Though these issues aren’t necessarily of a sexual nature, the contact with the provider allows a more natural discussion towards sexual problems when needed. That is not to say that the topic of sex isn’t sensitive for women; however, they are more likely to feel that they have a health provider who is open to listening about people and their sexual problems in Toronto.

For men the story of sexual problems in Toronto is different. They haven’t had a doctor ask them about their menstrual cycles since adolescence. They haven’t had regular pelvic examinations, or had their anatomy on display for childbirth. Men’s sexuality has for the most part, from adolescence onward, developed in private. So when issues regarding sexual problems in Toronto arise, men in Toronto often aren’t sure even how to put their thoughts or concerns into words, let alone know where to turn. They aren’t used to discussing issues of sexuality, and often aren’t sure if it is even appropriate discuss sexual problems in Toronto with a local health care provider.

Since sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction are often an indicator of more serious illnesses such as diabetes and vascular disease, men’s reluctance to discuss sexual problems in Toronto at clinics leads many Toronto men to unfortunately have much delayed diagnoses of these conditions. This can lead to further complications in the area of sexual problems in Toronto, which could have been avoided with earlier detection.

Ontario Men’s Health is a new state of the art clinic, located centrally in Toronto, where men’s sexual problems in Toronto can be openly discussed without embarrassment. Men with sexual problems in Toronto and all over Canada can rest assured that their concerns about sexual problems will be listened to closely, evaluated thoroughly, and treated appropriately, all in a private, relaxed setting.